General FAQ

Airborne Towers are made of polished and anodized 6061 grade aircraft aluminium, which makes them strong and durable and corrosion free. So no rusting!

Airborne Towers has an adjustable top sleeve so they can fit any boat width. You decide exactly where to mount your tower.

There are 4 different models to suite any boat design.

Wakeboard racks, wakeboard tower speaker pods, tower lights and mirrors.

Contact us for a list of approved installers in your area.

Set aside the better part of a morning for installation.

Normally a solid plank of wood will be used to add extra re-enformcement if the tower is being installed on a thinner section of fibreglass.

The tower kit does not come with re-enforcement as it is not necessary on every boat. Ask the installation company if re-enforcement is neccessary.

You have 2 options. 1 you can fold the tower down and pull your existing cover over it. 2 you can ask the installer to cut holes into your existing cover, they will stitch it up nicely and add some extra ropes to tie down.

Yes by removing the 2 supporting poles the tower simply folds down. If you decide to keep your existing ski pole check that the tower can fold down without touching the ski pole before you decide on its placement.

Fat sacks are heavy duty bags that are placed either on deck or within the hull of your boat. They are filled with water to drop your boat deeper in the water. This will create a bigger wake. You are looking for a 60 (font) / 40 (back) weight ratio.

The answer is…. Yes!

No, the towers are designed to accommodate only one rider at a time.

No, tubes come into contact with so large an area of water that the surface tension creates a drag force that well exceeds the safety limits for the towers. The towers are only recommended for one skier, wakeboarder, kneeboarder, and air-chair rider at a time.

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